TIPS help u to CRACK like a SHARK

1.Make a single page RESUME

We know that a single page will not able to describe your skills eventhough please make it possible

2.Do your research on the company before applying

Make sure to visit their website and collect information about their history and values. In addition, they might ask you why you want to get in to this company.

3.Projects plays a keyrole

Project is the only thing that signifies your work,skillset,efforts,talent

4.Match the job description to your skills

Companies will only hire the one who matches with their requierment so better concentrate and prepare according to the JD

5.Dress for success

It helps you to demonstrates an understanding of the corporate culture.

6.Be prepared for your interview

Assume every interiew as a last chance (99/100) so that you may succeed if you loose it assume it as 1/100 but don't stop moving...

7.Pay Attention to Body Language

Before you speak your body speaks so sit with a good posture and place your hands in your lap to avoid distracting gesturing or fiddling

8.Follow 3C'S principle (Cool-Calm-Confident)

9.Be truthful to your answers

10.Speak Slowly and Clearly-Listen carefully

11.Don't Be Cocky

12.Don't appear desperate

Winner never quit, and quitters never win

Expected number of companies in the world are 213,600,000 so don't step back